Household Appliance Brands


Household Appliance Brands

household appliance brands

    household appliance

  • A major appliance, or domestic appliance, is usually defined as a large machine which accomplishes some routine housekeeping task, which includes purposes such as cooking, food preservation, or cleaning, whether in a household, institutional, commercial or industrial setting.
  • home appliance: an appliance that does a particular job in the home
  • (Household Appliances) Kitchen and laundry appliances, room air conditioners, and similar appliances.


  • Mark indelibly
  • (brand) trade name: a name given to a product or service
  • (brand) burn with a branding iron to indicate ownership; of animals
  • (brand) a recognizable kind; “there’s a new brand of hero in the movies now”; “what make of car is that?”
  • Mark (an animal, formerly a criminal or slave) with a branding iron
  • Describe (someone or something) as something bad or shameful

household appliance brands – International Brand

International Brand Management of Chinese Companies: Case Studies on the Chinese Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Industry Entering US … European Markets (Contributions to Economics)
International Brand Management of Chinese Companies: Case Studies on the Chinese Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Industry Entering US ... European Markets (Contributions to Economics)
This book is a must read for all those interested in building successful global brands and for all those interested in China and Chinese companies – A strange combination? No. Based on extensive research and interviews with Lenovo, Haier, TCL, Hisense and key decision makers worldwide, Sandra Bell gives reasons and identifies a Chinese way of international brand management. She reveals:
– Who are Chinese branded companies? Where are they coming from, where are they heading for? What are their strengths and weaknesses regarding branding, marketing and going global?
– How does an appropriate brand strategy look like, when Chinese branded companies enter developed markets in the US and Western Europe? What can they learn from successful brands from Japan and Korea?
– How have Lenovo, Haier, TCL and Hisense entered the US and Western European markets so far? To what extend have they followed the recommended brand approach. What did they decide differently and why?
Read the book and discover yourself.

Company Profile of PT. FPS Movers

Company Profile of PT. FPS Movers
Welcome to FPS MOVERS
We dedicated providing a truly special Moving, Packing and Warehouse Service

Our journey of a global network under a unified brand started in 1994 with the establishment of Famous Pacific Shipping Australia, soon fallowed by Famous Pacific Shipping offices in Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Fiji. Many locations worldwide now operate under the FPS brand, as well as exclusive partners in most of the key trading nations.

The collective experience of the FPS group is huge, its members boast unrivalled financial stability and continuing commitment to investment in services and people


·Price Competitive
·Warehouse location in BSD, Tanah Abang, Cibubur and Sentul Commercial estate 45 minutes from Sudirman District area by car.
·Single point of contact

·Member of HHGFAA ( Household Goods Federation Association of America )
·Member of FPS ( Famous Pasific Shipping )
·Member of PRISM International
·HSE ( Health Safety Environment )
·Lioyd Registered – Quality Insurance

·Highly experienced management
·Very low staff trun over, very high morale
·Continuous training
·Highly motivated any incentive programs
·Very involved in community events and charitable organizations
·( Such as IABC Chamber, American Chamber, LIOS Club, etc )

FPS Movers has established its reputation as a highly reputable logistics company over the last ten years. Beginning from a small base as a purely logistics company, it has expanded to offer International moving as well as packing services. We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality of packing services, as well as a stress free experience, be it a local or overseas move. We have a network of agents worldwide who are dedicated to ensuring that all of your belongings arrive at their destination in as speedy and safe a manner as passible.

Our highly dedicated and professional staff undergo frequent and intensive training to ensure that they are professional and are ready for any task. Therefore, our Moving Survey Officer and his team of Packers will be prepared and able to assist you every step of the way, from initial survey, through to eventually delivering and unpacking at your future residence.

FPS Movers also provides a packing service for industrial goods and special needs household goods. This special packing method is highly recommended for items that may require storage for extended periods. We utilize a special treatment in packaging as well as using high quality materials that will protect your belonging from destructive moulds, high humidity, water damage and shock. Of course, the most important factor would be to maintain a secure and clean packaging for all the products. Our packer will also be on-hand to unpack the items when you wish to use the item and available to re-pack the item based on your request.

Our Spacious and high security warehouse area in Central Jakarta is suitable for storage of all your valuable items. Our Warehouse Services will also be happy to provide you with the full range of packing services, delivery service and storage space rental for any time period. Our warehouse is in a flood free area, away from housing areas and is equipped with complete warehouse equipment including CCTV, fire extinguishers and a well-trained security staff. We can guarantee you a hassle free experience with our fully-modern facility.

· International, Domstic & Local Moving
· Office Move Project
· Project Move ( For TELECOM Tower, Offshore Equipement, Drilling Equipement, Custom Broker and Touring Event )
· Industrial / Factory Move Project
· Packing Services
· HHG – House Hold Goods Inbound & Oubond
· Custom Clearing
· Records Management Services
· Warehousing

Clients List
• Premier Oil
• Conoco Phillips
• Leighton Contractors
• Siemens Indonesia
• Chevron Indonesia
• Blue Scope Steel
• Prudential Assurance
• Asean Secretariat
• Multi Nitrotama Kimia
• Overseas Moving International
• Dahana, PT
• Canadian Embassy
• Ritzs Carlton
• etc

Graha ISKA 165, 8th floor
Jl. Pramuka Raya 165
Jakarta 10570, Indonesia
Phone : (62-21) 428-00909
Fax : (62-21) 428-00707
E-mail :


· Only 2 consignments are permitted 1 by sea, 1 by air.
· Arrival of the shipment(s) in Indonesia must be within 6 months of the date of issuance on the residence permit (KITAS).
· All items must have been used by shipper for a period of not less than 12 months prior to entry into Indonesia.

Documentation requirements for importation of Used HHG

For Expatriates:
· Original passport with visa.
· Original KITAS/KIMS card (Residency permit).
· Original Work Permit.
Each must be valid for one full year. These will remain wi

DSC8690 s

 DSC8690 s
Don Quixote, or more commonly known as "donki" to the locals, is a 6-storey store located the northern banks of Dontonborigawa. It is very popular amongst the tourists as as well locals looking for a good bargain for anything from food to household electronic appliances. It promotes itself as a "duty-free" outlet where tourists are able to put forth tax claims. This is however, only applivable for the luxury items on the yop floor, e.g branded watches and handbags. Otherwise its still a very good place to shop for local foodstuffs and knick-knacks.
household appliance brands

household appliance brands

The Haier Way: The Making of a Chinese Business Leader and a Global Brand
Haier is the largest consumer appliance maker in China, regarded as the “GE of China.”
But back in 1984, it was a small factory on the verge of bankruptcy because no one wanted its poor quality products. Today Haier is a multibillion dollar conglomerate with over 30,000 employees worldwide. In the U.S., Haier brand appliances are sold in Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, Target and many others. With production bases in America, Europe, Asia and Middle East, and with sales outlets in over 160 countries, Haier has become an international powerhouse that is well on its way to building a global brand.
The Haier Way traces the appliance giant’s path to success, from its early bleak years when the company director had to beg from the neighboring village head for loans to pay bonuses to his employees, to the glamorous achievement when Haier ranked the fifth among the global white appliance makers in 2002. The book also examines the three strategies Haier has adopted to survive and thrive in the face of cutthroat competitions: brand name building, diversification, and globalization.
Drawing on their interviews with the company’s executives and employees, the authors offer a rare glimpse of the inner workings of the company and tell incredible stories about ordinary Haier employees who went extra miles to help boost the company’s image.
Much emphasis is given to Zhang Ruimin, Chairman and CEO of the Haier Group, for his pivotal role in the company’s success. A legendary figure who ordered the smashing of 76 faulty refrigerators with a sledgehammer, he rules with a management style that is a blend of Jack Welch of GE and Confucius of China. The book uncovers how his vision, ambition, and determination have led Haier to create a Chinese business miracle and made himself one of the world’s thirty most respected business leaders.
The first English publication ever on an individual Chinese company, The Haier Way is an insightful and stimulating reading for those who are interested in Chinese business and economy.